CBSE-CCE Management System

Salient Features

Highly Configurable & Customizable to address school specific requirements Different patterns for Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary.

Report Card customized to Schools requirements.

Scholastic Evaluation can handle most complex Evaluation patterns.

Fully Automated Co-Scholastic Evaluation Process.Universal Access: Teachers can access System at School, home or on mobile device

Scholastic Evaluation

Allows up to 6 evaluations for subskills/skills/subject.

Eg. Evaluate English->Reading->Pronunciation

Can Evaluate at Any level

Subject Level (e.g. GK),

Activity/Skills level (eg. Maths->Concepts)

SubActivity/SubSkill (eg. English->Reading->Pronunciation)

Automatic Grades on Best of the Evaluations selected.

Option to Rollup Grades to Activity & Subject Level.

Co-Scholastic Evaluation

Term wise Evaluation using Rubrics

Preconfigured with CBSE prescribed Rubrics & Decriptive Indicators.

Can perform Co-scholastic evaluation for Formatives as well.

Offers Single screen rubrics for easy & quick evaluation

Comments are automatically calculated based grades awarded

Teacher has option to change comments, or chose rubrics

Option to award grades & comments directly without using rubrics

Automatic customized report card

Different Report cards for Primary, Secondary and higher classes.

Report card is designed/configured to suite school specific needs.

Option to Add

Teachers Comments, recommendations

Health Parameters

Bonus marks

Promotion Recommendations

Monthly Attendance against working days.

grade sheets & trend analysis

subject wise grade sheet for all students of the class

individual grade sheets for each formative and summative exam

performance analysis graph

anecdotal records

students physical status tracking