Inventory and Distribution System

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Inventory and Distribution System. All these software are widely demanded by big business houses, corporate houses, warehouse and factories for managing the inventory and distribution. Our offered software successfully store data related procurement, material, production, inventory and stock transfers.


  • User-friendly
  • Virus protected
  • Technologically advanced

Procure to Production:


Vendor/Supplier Management

Material Requisition

Purchase Order Creation

Type of Material Used

Receipt/Cost of Material

Material Management:


Cost of consumption

Critical Inventory

Material Consumption matrix for Products


Daily Production

Product Inventory

Cost of Production per Unit

Production Inventory


Material Inventory

Finished Product Inventory

Leak/Defective Material

Scrap/Repairable Inventory

Physical Stock Verification

Dispatches/Stock Transfers:

Dealers Management

Stock Requisitions

Gate Pass Generation

Dealer Receipts

Dispatches/stock transfer from Factory to Warehouse

Empty/defectives/Returns to factory

Prospect to Collection:

Customer Management:

Prospects Management

Customer Management

Customer Closure

Schemes Management


Customer Order Management:

Long term

Equipment , Container Placements

Applicable Taxes

Delivery Frequencies/Schedules

Tax on Products ,Service & Rentals

Delivery to Customer:

Vehicle Management

Trip Scheduling

Monitor/Record Delivery

Manage Returns/Empties/defectives

Rental placements (Equipment, Empties)

Billing & Invoices:

Monthly/Ad hoc Invoice

Bulk/Group Invoice

Product/Rental Invoices

Tax Management

Reversals/Replacement Invoice

Discounts/Special Offer


Advance Collection

Collection Against Multiple Invoices

Payment Dues

Full & Final on Account Closure

Reconciliation Due/Collected

Manage Shortfall